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Satellite-enhanced edge delivery

The 5G-EMERGE project aims to develop an integrated satellite and terrestrial system based on open standards, to enable high-quality content distribution services.


Telecommunications satellites will be used to efficiently deliver high-demand content, including streaming of live events, as close as possible to the end user – to the ‘edge’. This could be in neighbourhood base stations or even in the users' homes or vehicles. At these network edges, a smart satellite gateway will be able to connect to a regular smartphone, a tablet or a TV set.

The project consortium is led by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union)  with the majority of funding coming from ESA, the European Space Agency. By leveraging 5G systems and so-called ‘edgecasting’, 5G-EMERGE will put Europe at the vanguard of media delivery technology.

European citizens and industry alike will benefit from smarter and more efficient media delivery through the link-up of satellite communication systems with land-based 5G connectivity.



We'd love to tell you more about 5G-EMERGE and explore how your company could contribute.

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